Dr. Doll's practice is now located in Huntington Beach, CA.

He is grateful to have served his Albuquerque patients for so many years and is happy to recommend the excellent optometrists that succeed him at the Albuquerque Costco locations. (read message from Dr. Doll)

Please visit Dr. Waggoner and Dr. Currie's websites for more information about their practices. You can also book appointments with them using the "Book Now" buttons next to their names on the left.

500 Eubank Blvd SE
(505) 323-2555

1420 N Renaissance Blvd
(505) 341-1490

9955 Coors Byp NW
(505) 922-7413


Optometry at Three Albuquerque Costco Locations

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Albuquerque Information:

Eubank Costco:

Dr. Wende Waggoner
500 Eubank Blvd SE
Phone (505) 323-2555
Website: eyecareofnm.com

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Renaissance Costco:

Dr. Cathrine Currie
1420 N Renaissance Blvd
Phone (505) 341-1490
Website: drcurrieod.com

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Coors Costco:

Dr. Todd Neugent
9955 Coors Byp NW
(505) 898-2400